Four looks from the MSGM Autumn/Winter collection, from top: looks 1, 3, 21 and 4. I think MSGM is one of my favourite brands, for its colour schemes, themes and execution. It’s a shame that its basically nowhere to be found in England, maybe a shop like LN-CC will take up on this gap in the market soon- it would make a good addition to some of their obscure menswear brands! Anyway, this collection looks like it was inspired by native American Indians and cowboys- tribal jumpers, shearling overcoats and cowboy hats are present throughout, with leopard-print shirts as standard, echoing Givenchy SS11. You’ve got a few months to work out how to get your hands on some of these pieces, from a brand which doesn’t seem like it can go wrong. And when you get bored, you can refresh the urge by perusing the rest of the collection here!

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3 Responses to MSGM AUTUMN/WINTER 2011

  1. MONi says:

    There is something really cool about that sweater from look 3!

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Totally! It’s my favourite piece from the collection, and what’s more- it seems to go so well with everything, even the leopard-print shirt!

  3. While I’ve never heard of this line before, I love how fun it is, especially for menswear. I know quite a few males who would love to look like this!

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