House Festival is a one-day event of music and food hosted by the Soho House group. This year featured Katy B, Tinie Tempah and Eliza Doolittle among others, and I went along last Thursday for the first time with my friend Yassy (both of us wearing patent Doc Martens coincidentally, mine from the Raf Simons series, which I snapped up recently on eBay). How it works: you pay a flat rate for your ticket, which is admittedly very expensive, and then all food and drink for the entire day is covered. Stalls like Pizza East and a caravan for Treacle, the cake shop in Columbia Road, were set up in the grounds around Chiswick House. I only ate pizza, which was probably a total waste as there was an endless supply of grilled lobsters and other delicacies, while the limitless alcohol allowance meant we were soon surrounded by tipsy and in some cases totally plastered adults, which made it all the more fun.

I was looking forward to Katy B and Tinie the most, although Eliza – who looks so much like Katy B just to put it out there – performed some great songs too and had a way better natural voice than Katy B. The great thing is that the tiny number of tickets released, well in Glastonbury terms anyway, means you can get up super close to artists who would otherwise be miles away due to the huge crowds they would usually draw at a larger festival- I’m pretty sure Katy B must have looked at me like 3 times during her performance! All in all amazing, I just hope more friends will join us next year!

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