Sonic Sinuate Supertemporal Sequestador

So basically……. Fred Butler cycled past me twice (!) on totally different occasions, and I was like ‘Hey!’ and she was like ‘Hey!’ and then she was like ‘Do you wanna come to my LFW presentation?’ and I was like ‘WHOA DO I!’. So she got me an invite, well actually she posted it through my front door, and I was like ‘YAY THANKS!! :-) :-)’. I turned up (feeling super excited might I add) at Somerset House last Sunday for the first time at London Fashion Week ‘officially’ because I went to the Mr Start AW11 presentation earlier in the year but it was over the road in One Aldwych so I never actually saw those big white tents before and all the bloggers and editors and stylists and buyers and whatnot posing under the archway. Up the stairs to the Portico Rooms, and I see a queue curling around the corner at the top of the landing, but luckily Fred has written ‘V.I.P’ with a heart on my invite so I can skip in front of all these people and feel the numerous fashion glares laser-cutting through my John Smedley jumper. Some people might think fashion hierarchy is just a myth. Is is NOT.

Anyway, I got to another queue inside the corridor that runs between the Portico Rooms, and Diane Pernet of ASVOFF arrived with her entourage, standing right behind me and speaking to an assistant in her eerily deep and drawn out voice. Then, Ash from Ella Dror PR (who I met before at that AQUA press day thingy) came and ushered her in, and a couple of minutes later me too because Fred had been so kind to give me a V.I.P. pass. I stood in the room watching as models wandered around and then stopped on multicoloured circles of lino or something, moving their arms up and down or putting their hand on their hips to show the contortions of the worm-like crinkly sleeves. It was very beautiful just to step back and observe, although inevitably I was elbowing my way for a place to stand and take photos. The Fred Butler SS12 collection (collection title is the name of this post in case you were wondering…) comprises of ├╝ber colourful headpieces and sunglasses, along with delicate playsuits and cape/coat/gilet hybrids, a new venture for her. As a first-timer at a Fred Butler presentation, I can say I was utterly amazed, and, as I told Fred later, also ‘compelled to take loads of photos’. The rippling structures were incredible, and must have been incomprehensibly difficult to create. Apparently she was inspired by an underwater creature, although I unfortunately have no idea what this creature is. I can however see the watery themes permeating the blue coat, with the frills representing some kind of coral on LSD and the heels mimicking a super-barnacle. I have got to say though, it is definitely those pink goggle sunglasses which did it for me, and my eyes were drawn to them almost as soon as I entered the room. After a breather on the balcony, and a few sips of some Sodastream-vodka cocktail, I found Fred to congratulate her on these amazing creations and to thank her for inviting me.

But it wasn’t home-time for me just yet, because as I was about to turn and leave, she reached down and disentangled her exhibitioner’s pass from beneath the layers of jewellery (quite a feat), and handed it over to me! As I had no invitations to any other LFW shows/presentations (I really didn’t put in the effort to get tickets that I should have), she lent me her pass, so I roamed free for about an hour in the Newgen tent, where I saw the likes of Sister by Sibling, Tim Soar, James Long, Christopher Raeburn and JW Anderson (nothing new unfortunately as it was AW11 which was on show) among others. I will try and do a post on a few of these things sometime next week as I am going to Venice early on Tuesday on a school trip, and then its my birthday next Sunday (!!!!!), my super sweet 16 actually (no, I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting a Range Rover this year), so I have a pretty hectic week to look forward to.

Got back upstairs to the presentation after peeking in a couple of the other Portico Rooms (yes, I touched the Mary Katrantzou ming vase collection!!), and I had to get photos of Pandemonia looking latexlicious as ever (I had only ever seen her in magazines before, so that was pretty MAJOR – above left), and Yu Masui (above right), a style prince whose blog I discovered a while ago and who must have a wardrobe unlike any other (me WANT). (so many brackets!). I also chatted briefly with Duck and Navaz (it’s called name-dropping btw) which was exciting seeing as I had only ever communicated with them via Twitter, and saw Susie Bubble who was hosting the presentation, but I was lost for words at that point and didn’t go over to introduce myself. More thank-yous to Fred, and then it was actually home-time for me thinking ‘:-( :-(‘. Nevertheless, an amazing evening, I hope my next LFW experience can live up to it!

Fred Butler SS12 film by Zaiba Jabbar.

P.S. sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have been a very busy boy recently, and so I have lots of posts planned but little time to produce them at the moment! Bare with me!

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