Marni mohair jumper, Uniqlo jeans and mac (bought in Selfridges just metres from an almost identical navy mac by Mackintosh which was £470 more), Bape shirt, Albam hat, ski socks from Labour and Wait, and faithful Timberlands.

Sorry to those of you for whom snow can often be part of daily life. In London, it is something that occurs just once or twice a year, and stays beautiful for several hours before it is trampled, goes slushy, and assumes a brown tinge. The snowy landscape above is in fact Hampstead Heath which can sometimes feel like the greenest countryside, or in this case an Alpine resort, miles from any city.

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3 Responses to SNOW

  1. Noe says:

    Your posts are amazing as always, you look so happy!
    I’m in love with your Marni jumper, the colour is beautiful.

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Thank you!! I love it too! Haha :-)

  3. mat says:

    not a snow fan but at least one of us enjoys it. nice practical outfit chap

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