I’ve often felt like a neglectful parent when I’ve been showing people my blog recently, because the truth is, during the last couple of months my Twitter and Instagram feeds seem to have been the only signs of my existence. In fact, even as I type this post I am having to search around the page for the correct buttons to press. ┬áTherefore, during this moment of forgiveness-seeking, I present the Chanel resort 2013 collection, with many stunning photos which might ensure my clemency (sorry, but I love that word).

As crazy as this may sound, I only found this collection officially a couple of days ago (I say officially because I seem to remember Cara Delevigne posting a photo of the shoes from this show on Instagram ages back – and there I go again talking about Instagram!). The show took place at Versailles, and I must say I was so pleasantly surprised to know that this was a Chanel show – not that there aren’t telltale signature fabrics and a ridiculous number of looks (71 in total, I think!) to give it away – but the whole vibe seems so different to anything I can remember coming out of Karl’s brain. There are colours, interesting shapes (whilst still retaining wearability), and certainly a youthfulness which is somehow new and most definitely welcome.

I think what I like most about this collection is that Karl finally seems to be embracing his younger market – the creepers, CC cheek tattoos and sharp bobs are not exactly traditionally Chanel, for example. In the past, I have found the clothes themselves painfully dull on the whole, but I guess for a brand with such a wide (and simultaneously narrow) audience, it is difficult to start drastically reinventing the aesthetic each season for fear of sacrificing a portion of the customers. I guess, therefore, that it is the courageousness with which this collection has evidently been designed that makes it so appealing to me. There are even, dare I say it (for fear of being ridiculed by everybody who knows me for dragging the big MK into everything) elements of a Meadham Kirchhoff woman about this collection – a carefree girl who likes to dress in wildly expensive, imaginative things – and almost certainly a Meadham Kirchhoff aesthetic – the pastels, frills and structured hips reminiscent of SS12. Yet this is entirely different – and entirely desirable in another way altogether. It seems to justify the ‘resort’ collection.

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  1. So fresh and elegant! You write about fashion really well! Cool stuff.

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Thank you so much!!

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