Believe it or not, I think this is the first (and hopefully not last) ‘official’ outfit post on this blog. I have had reservations for ages about whether or not to do one, but recently I have felt like what I am seeing in the mirror is pretty close to what I envisage in my head, and instagram isn’t enough to convey the GENIUS that goes into how I dress myself any more [read with only a semi-sarcastic tone]. In addition, my wardrobe has drastically improved over the last two years, and I am slowly weening myself off coloured trousers along with some other questionable sartorial habits. I had always been weary of not wanting to look back at previous posts with bitter thoughts of “what on earth was I thinking?!”, as I sometimes find flicking back through other old posts featuring brands which I have since decided to h8 on etc.

Magritte – Deux Amants

I guess therefore that this post is my accidental interpretation of the Magritte. This painting is set as my desktop background, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind when I decided to photoshop a plastic bag over my face. So anyway this is what I am wearing: Thom Browne shirt, semi-cropped A.P.C. hoodie which I found this week in a pile of jumpers my mum never wears, Meadham Kirchhoff SS11 show bag I bought on ebay (yes, because it says Meadham Kirchhoff in HUGE letters – I didn’t go to that show :'( ), Margiela for H&M suit trousers and Raf Simons trainers. Another reason it has taken so long for this post is because I have never gathered the energy to actually ask my sister to take photos of me/had an outfit in mind/been on holiday and generally bothered before, and this took absolutely aaaages to photoshop, so if you have anything to say, even through gritted teeth, feel free to SHOW SOME APPRECIATION ↓↓

Note: the only comments I have been getting recently are from computer-generated (yes, not even REAL) eastern Europeans linking to their online ‘pharmaceuticals’.

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4 Responses to REVELATION

  1. Audrey says:

    The Raf Simons trainers are amazing! In what way do you feel like your style has changed over the two years? I’ve felt the same way about my style as well and thankfully sold some of those ‘what was I thinking’ clothes on ebay. Also, still waiting for your Meadham Kirchhoff post! I’m expecting tons of hq pictures and a good write-up.

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Hmmm… I definitely feel like it has matured, become less attention-seeking perhaps, toned down a little… I used to be a little bit of a label whore tbh but I buy clothes now if they are good, and I’m not *quite* so trigger-happy on ebay!

    The MK post is on its way, but since I did the article for a magazine I’m going to wait until it is published before I upload the post. Have patience, and of course expect pictures!

  3. mat says:

    nice one mate, always good to try it out if you can and make it work. top notch outfit too. shame you didn’t go for a tesco stripe on the bag

  4. You always look lovely, I think you should do more outfit posts. I do love the carrier bag… x

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