Mmm… Fur-Trimmed Hoods

A selection of warm and wintery jackets (the last two both with real fur). I chose navy over other colours to feature as it is more compatible with different outfits than say brown. From left: £98 at Jack Wills, £1040 at Dsquared (though in fact only dark brown is available online now) and £473 at Belstaff. The Dsquared is definitely my favourite with its intricate detailing, I have been admiring it for a couple of months!, though the Belstaff is luxurious and simplistic. However both are rather out of many people’s price ranges, and I would settle for the Jack Wills parka- it could be a contender on the detailed front (the link is unfortunately no longer available, I’m guessing it has been taken off the online shop too- I drafted this post a little while ago), though I am not a fan of the bright lapel logo! Now taking a short break- exams this week…

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