MICHAEL CLARK: to a simple, rock ‘n’ roll . . . song


An interpretation of Michael Clark’s new work at the Barbican in art.

  1. Satie Studs/Ogives Composite. Sol LeWitt, The Location of Lines in Color On Color (1976), plate 72. Douris, Psykter (c. 500-470 BC).
  2. Land. Roman Opałka, 1965/1-∞, Détail 1-35327 (1965). Isabel Yellin, A Thicker Skin (2015). Bob Mizer, Untitled (Nick Gypsy Rose & Blue Max Hensley) (1975).
  3. my mother, my dog and CLOWNS! Charles Ray, Plank Piece I-II (1973). Marc Newson, Orgone Stretch Lounge (1993). Eadweard Muybridge, Athletes Wrestling (1887).
  4. Applause. Antony Gormley, Evening (2003).
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