From left: Henry Holland AW07, Patrik Ervell AW10, Burberry Prorsum AW11 (credit: Mr Burbailey).

Just on Saturday I was thinking about Patrik Ervell’s transparent duffle coat which I saw in an advert in Wonderland magazine. Then I watched the full Burberry Prorsum AW11 show yesterday and noted the vinyl raincoat ending, which was consequently featured all over today’s Times, and then I remembered the Henry Holland 07 show I had seen pictures of a while back, with the ‘Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon’ t-shirts and more plastic raincoats and added it all up- voila! A short history of the transparent coat, from the Nu-Rave cellophane look to the more updated victorian-style capes. I personally think they are cool, they remind me of how I used to love the rain sitting in my buggy with the see-through cover down, and that intense plasticky smell. If you want to see one in action, watch Blade Runner, where a replicant is wearing one when she is shot, and you can see the blood through the fabric. I’m pretty sure there is a transparent red one in Diva too (worth watching).

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    Nice to see we are doing our homework…

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