Even a boy like me with absolutely no interest in cycling/sport in general can appreciate the design of a beautiful bike like this. That is the point of this post: I actually made some new years resolutions for a change – to get about more, to go to the gym for the first time (will probably end up being Shoreditch House but I’m not really complaining), and to read more books. As much as I enjoyed 2011, I feel like I was lazy when it came to self fulfilment. My blog is my creative chimney, sharing with the world good clothes and design in general, but everybody knows fashion is something that is here one minute and gone the next. Just trundle through some of my older posts and you will find the products at the end of the links only briefly occupied the pages of those websites. Knowledge and fitness however last far longer (well, you’d hope anyway!). So although I plan to continue posting as much as I possibly can, and to pick up the pace a bit more (my productivity has tailed off a little recently – sorry!), I will have other priorities in 2012 as well!

N.B. I had no intentions for this post to sound philosophical as much as it might, in fact I shudder at the thought! I haven’t found God or anything like that.

‘Madison Street’ bike (and photo) – Detroit Bicycle Company.

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  1. mat says:

    that’s a hansom fellow

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