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Before Christmas, we went to Antony Gormley’s studio to meet his son, Guy Gormley. He is a photographer and DJ. We already had some of his prints, but I was given one of my own for my eighteenth birthday ((which was actually in October)) so we went to pick it out from a large selection at the studio, as he was borrowing the space temporarily ((who wouldn’t)). The building is an industrial warehouse-style complex designed by David Chipperfield, with blank white spaces in which Antony Gormley sculptures hang, or Vicken Parsons paintings lean. It is completely obscured by large plain metal gates at the back of Kings Cross Station, and only when the gates are opened is the incredible architecture behind revealed. There is a large forecourt for parking and storage of sculptures (some mid-production), one main building and an outbuilding. A few nice photos of the outbuilding can be foundĀ here.

Guy typically takes photographs using his brick phone, and then blows them up before printing them on out-of-production papers. The resulting quality of the prints is beautiful, and the images are often framed unusually – so that a picture sits at the bottom of the paper, or off-centre. Mine is of a disorderly pile of twisted branches in a wood, and the photo itself is pixellated to give it a painterly quality which is only really appreciated up-close. I was surprised to have chosen the print that I did, since this was one of the first we looked at in the studio – it was already framed and set to go, and Guy approved of it – and I had originally walked past it rather nonchalantly. Instead, I went through boxes of prints mid-way through development, and looked at so many others before resolving to the original piece. Suffice to say it looks brilliant on my wall.

There is very little about Guy around, and I don’t really have any good photos of his work – this is a good resource, otherwise, Google always has answers.

My photographs of Antony Gormley’s studio, and screenshots from Guy Gormley’s website.

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