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WELL, Thom Browne’s Spring 2013 collection didn’t wow me by any stretch of the imagination. The same can’t be said for his new store in Tokyo however, designed by Wonderwall architect Masamichi Katayama, and unveiled mid-way through this week. It … Continue reading

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If you have a spare 3 HOURS (!!) and an iPad full of unwatched films/a chatty friend, you should undoubtedly consider queuing for the Rain Room installation. Using seemingly invisible motion detectors, your movement is sensed as you walk through … Continue reading

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As much as the Louboutin ‘look’ has been tainted with distastefulness in my eyes over the past years by many factors (most notably the WAG culture, Mika endorsement, endless Instagram photographs tagged ‘swagggg’ and even Henry Holland referring to them … Continue reading

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